Bachy Soletanche Australia genuinely appreciates its employees, with a clear awareness that they play a pivotal role within the company and are responsible for upholding an accurate depiction of the Bachy Soletanche CCOR Values:

– Caring
– Committed
– Open to a challenge
– Real

With our strong record for exceeding client expectation, we are always interested in acquiring new employees that will reflect our values, provide the foundation for excellence in execution and allow us to meet our future goals within the foundation industry. Firm believers that team work is imperative to success, a career built with Advanced Foundation Solutions is sure to be a rewarding one.

We can offer each new employee growth opportunity, challenges, alongside recognition to all.

Diversity as well as frequent development are promoted throughout Bachy Soletanche, and we are always taking new staff training initiatives to maintain our passion for remaining current, knowledgeable and strikingly prepared.

Should you wish to join us in our exciting journey, supported by one of the worlds largest and most capable construction and concessions company, please make contact with us via the contact page.

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Bachy Soletanche

Bachy Soletanche Australia provides high quality, efficient, and cost-effective foundation solutions to the building and engineering industries. We help clients develop scehemes and achieve cost efficiencies. Techniques offered include Large Diameter Piling, Contiguouys and Secant Piled Walls, Diaphragm Walls, CFA Piling, Rotary Displacement Piling, Grouting, and Ground Anchors.

Head Office
Level 5, 13-15 Lyonpark Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
T +61 2 9814 2990

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