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Dam Upgrades and Ground Improvement Capability

Bachy Soletanche was chosen by State Water Corporation (NSW) to construct the Hume Dam spillway southern junction filter and drainage works. These works were a combination of downstream filter protection at the tower block and core wall and localised ground improvement. On this project Bachy Soletanche managed the works as the Head Contractor.

Many dams in Australia are requiring ordered improvements to enhance their safety in the event of extreme floods or earthquakes. Bachy Soletanche is able to bring to these types of projects innovative engineering methods and associated piling solutions, coupled with experienced work teams who will safely and efficiently carry out this type of work.

Specialised platform design to carry safely the BAUER BG40 and 110T crawler crane operating loads

Sand and Gravel System - Bachy Soletanche

Bespoke sand and gravel delivery system to prevent segregation

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