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Driven Piles

Bachy Soletanche Australia can install precast/prestressed octagonal concrete, timber and steel piles, including sheet piles and transmission-line prestressed Rocla piles. Bachy Soletanche Australia have a facility to manufacture its own precast piles up to 450mm square, including an approved precast pile mechanical joint, designed to facilitate rapid installation.

Bachy Soletanche Driven Piles

What are Driven Piles?

Driven piles are a type of deep foundation used in construction to support structures where the soil near the surface is weak or unstable. These piles are normally installed by driving them into the ground with a pile driver and are constructed of steel, concrete, or wood. Even in situations when the soil close to the surface is poor or unstable, this procedure can assist in laying a solid foundation for a range of buildings.


Driven piles are a flexible option for building projects since they may be employed in a variety of soil conditions. They are perfect for constructions like bridges and buildings because they offer good resistance to both axial and lateral stresses. Oil rigs and other offshore constructions frequently utilise driven piles because they can offer dependable support even in difficult marine conditions.

Bachy Soletanche has a range of geotechnical techniques to suit your needs.

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