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Our Values and Policies


At Bachy Soletanche Australia we strive ourselves to provide the best solutions to our clients and meet their contractual obligations. Our specific goals include:


  • Partnering with our clients to achieve their objectives and project requirements;

  • Providing specialised technologies supported by worldwide knowledge and experience;

  • Maintaining the status of proven performance by our past and present achievements;

  • Maintaining leadership through our role as a specialist contractor, subcontractor, or JV partner;

  • Endeavoring to create, in consultation with our employees and our clients, a zero-harm workplace, with the objective of working safely and without damage to people, plant or the environment;

  • A commitment to the prevention of pollution and waste;

  • Working with all our clients in an ethical and legal manner with written contract agreements’.

Continuous Improvement

Bachy Soletanche Australia run a certified integrated management system complying with AS4801, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  The system ensures we are monitoring all aspects of the business while looking for trends and continuously improving.  Moreover, the management system ensures we follow industry best practice and comply with local legislative requirements.

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