Power-Transmission Line and Substation Construction

Bachy Soletanche is able to deliver a range of power-transmission line foundation solutions. We can install driven prestressed transmission piles in swampy, low lying areas and also design the plant access platforms that allow machinery to safely operate in these difficult, challenging environments.

Our range of piling machines economically drill for conventional bored foundations to support power poles, typically direct placed. Our operators are certified to safely operate near live power systems, we are also able to carry out the geotechnical design for transmission lines and we have also designed and constructed piling systems to support the growing need for substations throughout NSW/ACT.

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Bachy Soletanche Australia provides high quality, efficient, and cost-effective foundation solutions to the building and engineering industries. We help clients develop scehemes and achieve cost efficiencies. Techniques offered include Large Diameter Piling, Contiguouys and Secant Piled Walls, Diaphragm Walls, CFA Piling, Rotary Displacement Piling, Grouting, and Ground Anchors.

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