Lutwyche, QLD

Bored Piles & Shotcrete Walls

Project Description
The building consisted of a 5 story Residential Building with mixed Use ground floor and basement carparking. We were engaged by Tomkins to design, construct & certify the retention system for the underground 1.5 level basement. The layout of the proposed basement carpark and its proximity to the neighbouring building required the shoring wall footprint to fit inside a very narrow corridor from the neighbouring building. It also necessitated the requirement for a cantilevered wall. Additional works were negotiated to design, construct & certify the foundation piles which the Structural Engineer changed from Pad Footings.

The foundation piles were constructed from ground level, resulting in one only mobilisation. This methodology also required one only pile platform at existing ground level, eliminating for a ramp. With cut-off levels for the foundation piles up to 5m below platform level, tight verticality and plan positional tolerances were again adopted to ensure the position of the pile at cut-off level was within design requirements. With the risk of insufficient cover on piles increasing as the depth to cut-off increases, all pile cages were fabricated with a minimum of 8 vertical bars which allowed an increased number of spacer wheels to be attached to the cages. An increased number of spacer wheels increases the contact area between the sides of the pile bore and the spacer wheels creating a more robust support mechanism to hold the cage in its correct position.




San Chi Development


December 2015 - March 2016


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