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Safety Always a First Priority

Bachy Soletanche Australia participates in VINCI International Safety Week 2018

Bachy Soletanche Australia is committed to our safety 24/7 motto and last week we bought the topic even further into the spotlight. From 15-20 October we participated in the fifth edition of ‘VINCI International Safety Week’ across all our worksites and yards Australia-wide. The very same safety meetings were also held at all VINCI Construction sites around the globe with management discussing positive aspects of safety on site, and also taking an honest look at areas for improvement, specifically where progress is too slow compared to our expectations.

Last week, our team members focused on identifying and sharing risks in the workplace, from safety in design through to project execution. The topic at hand also strongly reinforced our 2018 safety campaign of, “24/7 safety” – not only at work, but at home as well. Mindset, culture and behaviour is pivotal to the success of any safety initiative and it’s something we take very seriously at Bachy Soletanche Australia. A safe worksite is a productive worksite for everyone involved, and we value all employees input to helping us achieve these goals.

Bachy Soletanche believes that safety rules are necessary and their application is non-negotiable; on the other hand, these rules are not enough to establish a real culture of safety shared by everyone. Which is why to improve our overall safety, all staff must above all, act on behaviours and are highly encouraged to do so.

Bachy Soletanche Australia is proud to record staff receive over 2.2% of hours worked contribute to continual safety training for employees. At VINCI Construction, the group strives to achieve 1.8% of hours worked as safety training, so anything over this is above the status quo.

Mark Cowcher, Bachy Soletanche Australia’s Quality Safety and Environmental Manager, firmly believes, “A safe site is a productive site. The more safer we become, the more efficient we become”. It’s with this mindset that leads the company forward as we endeavour to improve safety procedures, not just for ‘VINCI International Safety Week’, but each and every day of operation.

For more information about ‘VINCI International Safety Week’ please contact Mark Cowcher on 02 9814 2965.

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