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Soletanche Freyssinet Group

Synergies, Innovation, Solution

We are part of Soletanche Freyssinet, a specialised civil engineering group which brings together an unparalleled array of geotechnical structural and nuclear engineering capabilities and brands.

  • Turnover of €3.3 billion in 2019

  • Order backlog €3.6 billion in 2019

  • 22,500 employees

  • As a global and local group, Soletanche Freyssinet has a network of more than 150 companies in nearly 100 countries across five continents.

  • The Soletanche Freyssinet group strives to deliver technical and human excellence to its clients.

  • The Safe Way is the only Way, the Soletanche Freyssinet Group and each of its subsidiaries strive to achieve the zero accident objective.

  • Involved in most major construction projects around the world.

  • Constant innovation with over 350 inventions projected by more than 1,500 patents.

Soletanche Freyssinet Company Structure Diagram

Soletanche Bachy is the world leader in foundations and soil technologies and offers the widest range of geotechnical solutions on the global market. In Australia, Bachy Soletanche Australia is present in New South Wales and Victoria, and benefits from the support of its sister companies in Western Australia and Queensland where enhanced operational efficiency is required, to offer the best global performance for our clients.

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