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Sustainable Development


Environmental Sustainability - Controlling the environmental impact of our sites

Bachy Soletanche Australia is committed to an ambitious goal of the VINCI Construction group: to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% by 2030.


To achieve this goal, BSA have established a simple and structured actions aiming to reduce our direct and indirect consumption of fossil fuels as well as a real focus on reducing in CO2 produced by our cement consumption.


We are also focused on recovering our waste – establishing methodologies around Reduce, Reuse and Recycle approach. Some examples within our environmental management plan include:


·        Reduction in cement content within our concrete mix with the use of alternatives to reduce overall CO2 produced from the

         production of concrete.

·        Designated recycling areas for waste including projects, office and equipment yards

·        large proportion of our key plant engines (80 % of fuel consumption) are Tier III low emission diesel engines.

·        Monitoring and measuring fuel consumption on all BSA plant and vehicles

·        Efficient designs aimed at reducing concrete and reinforcement on BSA construction projects.

·        Environmental noise monitoring is conducted to confirm compliance with WHS & Environmental noise guidelines.

·        Environmental management plans are implemented for all Soletanche Bachy projects.

·        Mobility plans aimed at reducing vehicles on projects.”

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