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Bored Piles

Bored Piles

Bachy Soletanche Australia offer all types of bored piles – temporary and permanently lined as well as under fluid temporary using polymer or bentonite support. The bored piles can also be drilled in secant pattern for a retaining or cut-off wall. We can install 300mm to 3000mm large diameter piles, to depths of up to 60 metres. High strength rock can be drilled using specially adapted drilling tools.

Our largest piling machine, the BAUER BG40 has 60 t.M of torque and is capable of drilling 3 metre diameter piles. Bachy Soletanche Australia also owns a range of small to medium size modern hydraulic piling machines allowing us to also complete very small projects. We continue to develop our very high strength rock drilling capacity and have recently trialed cluster drill technology as one method of economically drilling high strength rock.

Secant Pile Construction Methodology

In order to create a secant pile wall, alternating male and female concrete piles are intersected.


Secant pile walls are useful in situations with limited space, in difficult terrain, and are less noisy to construct. 

Large Diameter Bored Pile Methodology

Large Diameter Bored Piles are an important part of transferring load into deeper soil. This is essential for applications such as retaining walls and tall buildings. 

Bachy Soletanche has a range of geotechnical techniques to suit your needs.

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